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The “Trip to Íthaka” has been a long journey for Goi, Founder of Íthaka Interiors LLC, which has taken her through different countries and various professional challenges, until she decided to set up her own interior design consultancy. Íthaka Interiors goal is to offer our clients spaces where they feel themselves and comfortable, with the best possible advice and a personalized attention.

For Goi, dealing closely with the client is fundamental for offering the advice required and ultimately help achieving the desired result on time and shape. It is a journey in which we will go hand in hand, where your taste, lifestyle, hobbies and concerns will be taken into consideration so that every need is covered, and every detail implemented. The goal is for everyone to have their own Íthaka to come back to.

goizalde pallin

Founder Ithaka Interiors

Goi's family project has taken her to different countries for more than 14 years in which she has learnt to nurture herself with various cultures, traditions, architecture and decorative styles. As a Bachelor in Business, she worked on the insurance and financial products sector for a short period of time, but always with the pen and paper ready to draft layouts and drawings helping family and friends on their reform projects.

Upon returning from Sydney, she finally decided to go for her Interior Design career in the Basque Country and shortly after she moved to Dubai. There, Goi collaborated with Spanish office and home furniture firms, while working as a freelance developing design and reform projects for expatriate families, a very widespread modality in the United Arab Emirates.

Later Goi moved to Florida with family and founded Íthaka after setting base in Pembroke Pines


​Íthaka is born with all the energy and magic of someone who has always been passionate about interior design. The ultimate goal is that all of you, our clients, have your retreat, your Íthaka to come back to.


 “Wise as you will have become, so full of experience, youll have understood by then what these ithacas mean”

ITACA, CPCavafis

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